How to achieve systemic changes in higher education? Start with teachers!

Higher brings together teachers and provides them with tools for development. We want to improve the quality of higher education in Ukraine through a modern teacher training system.
Why is this important?
Because there is a lack of modern pedagogy knowledge in Ukraine
Teachers at universities are obliged to take 108 hours of advanced training courses in institutions certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Most teachers argue that these courses are outdated and purely formal. The system that is supposed to update education is actually preserving the status quo
Education changes from the top
100% of Ukrainians go to school.
79% - to universities.
But ALL teachers come from universities.
Until universities change, we can not expect systemic changes in education.
There are many foreign resources and practices, but less than 10% of teachers know English
We can give them access to this knowledge and translate key resources into Ukrainian. In parallel we will encourage teachers to improve their English skills.
Key challenges for higher education in Ukraine
Only 6 Ukrainian universities are among the 1,000 best universities in the world
Ukraine holds a leading place in the TOP 10 countries of the world in terms of number of higher education institutions, but, at the same time, in the last 10 in the quality of university education.
118,000 teachers
Each year, almost 500,000 students graduate from Ukrainian universities. In Ukraine there are 657 higher education institutions with 118,000 teachers.
Students and employers are not satisfied with the quality of education
25% of Ukrainian students say that the quality of education is poor.
41% of students say that the education does not meet the requirements of employers.
1 in 5 employers confirms that the knowledge and qualifications of graduates are not sufficient for their business needs.
New challenges
40,000 students from the East of Ukraine.
8,000 students with special needs.
Only teachers can provide a tolerant and inclusive environment.
What does Higher offer teachers?
Higher is the ability to access modern knowledge and experience exchange with colleagues
A series of unique online courses and best resources in Ukrainian for teachers from all over Ukraine with the possibility of obtaining a certificate, as well as a network of course participants for the exchange of best practices.
Increase the value of the profession
Higher will talk about the best practices and success stories of superheroes-teachers to enhance understanding of the role of teaching.
Create additional opportunities for teachers
Higher provides information on additional opportunities for the professional development of teachers, including career advice, grants, internships and research.
What must superhero-teachers be able to do
A modern teacher is not just a person with scientific qualifications
How a teacher teaches, motivates and relates to his students is very important.
Knowledge transfer
The need to explain and communicate with students so that students understand the content of the course.
The ability of the teacher to engage students in the learning process
Teacher influences students' internal motivation, independent learning and deeper approaches to learning, which involves a critical analysis of new ideas.
Our objectives
Provide access to the world's best practices in pedagogy and professional development opportunities
Help to improve courses relying on
the competencies and modern skills needed for students' employment
Increase understanding of the importance of university teaching and the prestige of the profession
Develop skills to ensure inclusivity and tolerance while teaching
Introduce innovative
Create a network of university lecturers for experience exchange
Focus on interdisciplinary connections
Apply a student-centric
Best practices and useful resources on the site every day
A series of online courses
Specialized conferences and trainings
Tips for career development
Mentorship from colleagues
Grants and internships for teachers
Assistance in creating online courses
Professional development and certificates
Beginner support
Translation of the world's best resources
Inclusive education, diversity and tolerance
Professional ethics
Active training
Competent approach and employment of students
Effective course development
Innovative teaching tools
Integrating online learning
Feedback and evaluation
Student-centered learning
Conflict resolution
Effective management of universities
School for Teachers at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 2017-2018
  • 30 teachers from 14 departments.
  • 80% participants would apply the acquired knowledge in their work.
  • Certificate of Compulsory Professional Development
Series of short training for teachers, 2018
  • Ukrainian Academic Language and Academic Integrity
  • Designing and Teaching Courses in English
Natalya Starynska
Experienced expert in project management,
a graduate of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
Anastasiya Nurzhynska
Teacher/lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
and a communication expert
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